Fast, Effective Condyloma Acuminatum & Genital Warts Treatment

  • Safe and Effective
  • Easy-To-Use Brush Application
  • Fast Acting

Tyginta genital wart removal is a new, hassle-free way to safely get rid of condyloma acuminatum including genital warts in men and women as well as anal warts, quickly and effectively. While most genital warts home treatment products use a drop application – which can be messy - or come in a cream form, Tyginta is different and especially effective because of the brush-on applicator. Tyginta is therefore applied at maximum strength, is not diluted and is available online without a prescription. If you're ready to get rid of your genital warts, Tyginta is the best condyloma treatment for you.


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Remove Warts In 3 Quick & Easy Steps


Clean And Dry
The Affected Area

Thoroughly wash the affected area and pat dry with a towel until the skin is completely dry. A clean skin surface that is free of excess dirt will ensure faster results. By completely drying the area you'll help open the skin's pores, allowing Tyginta to target the warts more effectively.


Apply The 
Tyginta Formula

Open the Tyginta bottle by turning the cap. Using the application, carefully brush the formula over the affected area several times, using less or more depending on how many warts you have. Brush away any excess and then close the bottle cap when you're done.


Get Faster
Effective Results

In order to ensure faster more effective results, apply Tyginta to the affected area twice a day. Once in the morning after you shower or bath and then again in the evening after washing the affected area. By applying Tyginta to the area twice a day, you'll see faster results.