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genital warts home treatment

Looking after yourself starting at home: The primary reason for this is these warts are usually noticed without any previous signs of symptoms and they spread in the same way. This makes home and personal care very important. The first step to treat genital warts at home is recognizing them and make sure you will not transmit warts to any one around you. So, to treat warts at home you should: 

1) Take care to prevent any kind of trauma in the area affected by the warts and on the venereal warts themselves as some types of warts can be painful and bleed.

2) Be careful and take steps to avoid the transmission of the warts to your relatives and to your sexual partner. Genital warts are transmitted by skin friction, not necessarily sexual, for instance sharing underwear, the garment can carry the virus.

3) The warts are infectious and spread easily. So do not touch, prick or squeeze them.

Can Genital Warts Be Cured?

Some products make a relatively effective genital warts treatment. However, there is no known cure for genital warts and what most remedies for warts do is to work on genital warts removal only not addressing the HPV virus itself and as warts are recurrent, your chances of having them back on the same spot are strong.

Remember, before applying any medicine consult a doctor.

The most popular home remedies for genital warts are:

1) Resin of Podophyllum Hexandrum- This plant is poisonous but when professionally processed it has medicinal properties as inhibitor of tumor grow and as any poison, it  should only be topically applied on by a practitioner as side effects can be harmful.

2) Salicylic Acid – It has a high rate of genital wart removal by chemically burning it. Salicylic Acid for warts removal can cause serious damage to your skin and perenial scars. Some people apply it at home, but again, its risky.

Both genital wart removal processes above do not address the HPV virus itself and won't prevent the warts from returning.

The Best Way to Remove Genital Warts

Natural genital warts treatment is quite effective in getting rid of the warts naturally and supports your immune system to fight an HPV outbreak from the very beginning, when it is weak and prone to causing outbreaks. 

A good natural treatment for general warts will work in two areas at the same time. It will remove the warts using its active ingredients and should also empower your body to fight possible future outbreaks.

What makes a good genital warts treatment? Besides more than one active ingredient, it  should have vitamins and a soothing element to help the skin to heal gradually and properly avoiding scars.

However you should keep in mind that there is no single cure for warts. It is not possible to definitely eliminate it once it has occurred. The best treatments for warts are the natural treatments as they are:

  • effective on short to long term,
  • they do not harm you,
  • they usually do not have side effects,
  • they can be applied safely and privately

Genital Wart Treatments That Don't Work

The Mayo Clinic, published a study stating that there is little or negligible evidence that common, home remedies for warts and genital warts, such as  vinegar, castor oil, and aloe, are effective to remove warts. The lack of evidence from studies of these home remedies for warts suggests that they are a waste of time. So what are these folk remedies that you have probably heard mentioned elsewhere online? Here are the three most common home treatments for genital warts and the truth behind them:

1) Apple Cider or Grape Vinegar – With this home remedy, you apply the vinegar directly to your genital warts. Take a cotton ball and soak it in apple cider vinegar. Then squeeze out the excess vinegar so that the cotton ball is not dripping. Use a band aid to keep the cotton ball on the wart for at least 30-45 minutes day (preferably overnight but the vinegar stings and burns a lot). You will need to repeat this treatment every night until the warts develop scabs ( chemical burn). At this point, you can cease the application of vinegar. Do not peel the scabs off. Let them fall off naturally.  Repeat the process for a lifetime as the virus will remain in there.

Actual Result: While the vinegar may initially remove the top part of the wart, the wart usually grows back. There is not scientific evidence that shows that his process permanently removes venereal warts, genital warts or any other kind of warts!

2) Aloe – Aloe is a plant known for its healing properties. Some say that these healing properties will help to remove warts if you apply aloe until the wart heals. No, Aloe Vera has soothing properties, not anti viral properties

Actual Result: While aloe does have soothing properties for the skin, aloe does not remove venereal warts. There is no evidence to show that it kills the HPV virus that causes genital warts.

3) Castor Oil - This home remedy involves rubbing castor oil on your venereal warts until they disappear. It is derived from the seeds of a tropical plant and has a very unpleasant odour. Another version of this treatment involves putting a combination of castor oil and baking soda on the warts.

Actual Result: Again, though this may be a " natural cure" for genital warts, there is not evidence to suggest that castor oil is effective against HPV. It is great to polish wood furniture!

Best Home Remedy That Treats Genital Warts

Since the "remedies" above have not been shown to effectively remove venereal and genital warts, is there a solution that you can use within the privacy of your own home?

Yes, there are effective products available for genital warts removal. So rather than pinning your hopes on a treatment for genital warts that won't work, do yourself a favour and purchase a wart remover that is effective such as Tyginta. By doing so, you can be assured that your money will be well spent and your genital warts can be removed.

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